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26 Piece Professional Make-up Brush Set

26 Piece Professional Make-up Brush Set

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Dreamy makeup looks require dreamy makeup brushes! This set includes a variety of multi-use, MUA-quality makeup brushes to help you create your natural day to day look, or your breathtaking glamour! Here at By Caitlyn Collection we have created this set to cover all aspects of your makeup routine, by providing you with all my MUST HAVE brushes as a professional makeup artist, Each brush in this lineup is made of the highest quality bristles to help you achieve flawless results, great colour payoff and a smooth buttery blend.

Tip - Babe, we all look after our hair! So make sure to look after your brushes. Avoid using harsh cleaning spirits as they can damage and dry out the bristles. We recommend using our Antibacterial Makeup Brush Cleaning Soap! Our great smelling soap is made to thoroughly clean, condition, remove stains, kill bacteria and to prolong your brushes quality.

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